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Graveyard Build

Are you ready to unleash your creativity? Then join us for a fun and exciting graveyard build! In this build, you will be given a random assortment of spare parts and pieces to assemble however you see fit! Will it look like a Gundam at the end of the day, or the creature from the black lagoon? Only time will tell! Be sure to join in and test your creativity and skill!

♫ Spooky, scary, gundam heads! ♪

​Time: All day Saturday and Sunday

  1. Entries will be accepted all day Saturday and Sunday. This build is not limited to a certain time frame, and can be accessed at any hour of the vendor hall. Finished projects will be displayed for attendees to view. You are welcome to take home your project at any time during the convention. Anything not picked up during the event will be available for pickup after August 21, 2023 at Chibi’s Anime Goods and Collectibles. 

  2. Tools for building will be available on-site for use.

  3. This build is subject to availability of materials and may be cancelled at any time.

  4. There will be no judging for this competition. Prizes will be awarded by random draw.

    If you would like to donate any spare parts to use in this build, please bring them to Chibi’s Anime Goods and Collectibles prior to August 19 in exchange for a full Loyalty Card!

How to Participate

All participants will be entered to win a Beelzemon Figure-rise model!

All participants* will also be entered into a draw to win a

Yuri Godbuster Plamax Model (retail value $139.99).

*Children 12 and under must have parental permission to enter.


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