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Gundam Build Area

Yuri Godbuster.png

This year, Kelowna ComiCon will be hosting an open build competition! 

Space and tools will also be available for anyone wanting to build at the event.

Feel free to stop by and build at your leisure!

In addition, there will be an informative panel being held 

at 1pm on Sunday, June 23 about sticker application

and how to work with tricky surfaces.

Anyone who participates in the open build competition at Kelowna ComiCon 2024 will be entered into a draw to win a Yuri Godbuster Plamax Model (retail value $139.99)!*

*Children 12 and under require parental permission to enter.

Heroes, Myths and Legends

Every culture has their own legends, heroes, villains, and fables. From the Epic of Gilgamesh, to the Thousand Paper Cranes, to the story of Little Red Riding Hood, there are an infinite number of stories to be told! This year's Open Build will bring these stories to life. We want you to pick your favourite story or character and create a display that showcases this idea. You are welcome to be as figurative or literal as you would like! 

(A special thanks to Matt C. for the idea for the competition!)

Welcome to the 2024 Open Build!

  1. There is no fee to enter.

  2. Completed entries can be brought to the model build area at Kelowna ComiCon during the event.

  3. The deadline for entry is Saturday, June 22 at 6pm.  

  4. Voting will be done by attendees. All attendees will have a chance to view the entries and vote for their favourites.

  5. All entrants may choose to opt in to a technical judge for a chance to win an additional prize.  The technical judge is not mandatory and does not affect your ability to win the fan favourite prizes.

  6. Winners will be announced on Sunday, June 23 at 4pm.

  7. Models can be picked up from 4-5pm on Sunday, June 23 at the event. Any models not picked up will be available for pickup at Chibi’s Anime Goods and Collectibles after June 28.

As this is a family friendly event, we ask that all models please be kept PG. We reserve the right to not display your model at the event if we believe your work to not be appropriate for all ages.

How to enter

Knight in Training

 Children 12 and under are welcome to enter with parental permission.

SDW Heroes Dark Grasper Dragon Model - $10.99
Pokemon: Gyarados M
odel Kit - $20.99
Entry Nippers - White - $10.99


King’s Guard

Builders over 12 years of age.

Three prizes will be awarded based on attendee votes.  First prizes will get to pick first, second prize gets second choice and third prize will receive the remaining prize.

Prize 1: Godhand Tool Set (SPN-120 Nippers, PN-125 Nippers, Assorted 2mm Sanding Sponges, value $119.99)

Prize 2: Assorted Turbo Dork Paints

Prize 3: $100 gift card to Chibi's Anime Goods and Collectibles


Technical Build

Optional Entry

Zoids: HMM Lightning Saix 

Additionally, anyone who participates in the open build competition at Kelowna ComiCon will be entered into a draw to win a Yuri Godbuster Plamax Model (retail value $139.99)!

We look forward to seeing what stories inspire you! Remember, this competition is all about having fun and sharing what you love, so don't stress over your build! Any submission is a good submission :)

Have fun,
happy building,

and, above all...

Follow the Dream!


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