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KCC COVID-19 Policies

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

"As COVID-19 vaccinations have become widely available to British Columbians, the overall risk of COVID-19 transmission and serious consequences has diminished. Despite this, the virus will still circulate like other communicable diseases." - WorkSafe BC

In order to provide a communicable disease plan, Kelowna ComiCon has implemented the following policies that include ongoing measures to reduce the risk of transmission. Additional measures are also outlined in the event of elevated risk of communicable disease.

Last Updated: April 8th, 2022

How busy will KCC be under the current restrictions?

Currently, indoor or outdoor gatherings and events can happen at full capacity. This allows for KCC to have an attendance of 2,400 people per day.

Am I required to be vaccinated?

Am I required to wear a face covering/ mask during KCC?

If I am unable to attend due to COVID-19, what are my options?

Below are examples of how to wear a mask, as well as coughing and sneezing etiquette provided by WorkSafeBC.

We are constantly working with WorkSafeBC and Interior Health in order to keep our communicable disease plan up to date with the most current regulations. We can assure you that the government guidelines will be followed and enforced at Kelowna ComiCon '22 to keep our community safe. Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 policies and regulations, we will be updating and making changes accordingly. As the event draws closer, please feel free to check back or reach out for updated information.

To review the guidelines as set by the province, BCCDC, and Interior Health; refer to the links below.


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