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The Princess of Cosplay has returned! Akane Nightsong is coming to Kelowna ComiCon this year!

Akane Nightsong is a Canadian-based cosplayer who discovered cosplay 7 years ago, but has been performing all of her life.

Akane started off as a vocalist favoring musicals and musical theater. She performed at Kiwanis Music Festival in Kelowna in 2012, 2013, 2014, and in Alberta for 2019. Each year she competed as a soloist and won first place in the Musical Theater category.

In 2014 she started the company "A Fairy Tale Ending" after a judge at Kiwanis asked her to perform as "Elsa" for their child's birthday. Since then, Akane has performed all over North America in her princess cosplays. From countless birthday parties, fundraisers, special events, and fan conventions; Akane's style is known and sought after in many circles of life. Here are just a handful of programs that Akane has been part of:

Hinton Alberta’s Canada Day Fohn Festival
Hinton Alberta’s Canada Day Fohn Festival
  • Arion Therapeutic Farms (rode/ worked with horses)

  • Winter Wonderland Fundraiser

  • Yellowhead Regional Arts Festivals: Journey Into Christmas (Akane wrote/ sang a mash-up of "Let it Snow" + "Let it Go")

Canada Day - Re/Max’s parade float dedicated to the Children's Stollery hospital Making Miracle's Happen
2021 Canada Day - Re/Max’s parade float dedicated to the Children's Stollery hospital Making Miracle's Happen

Children's hospital support programs are near and dear to Akane. Annually, her whole family can be found designing and decorating floats with Re/Max.

Building everything from thrones to castles, Akane's family makes the experience for all the children, that much more magical.

This year, for 2022, Akane will be performing as Rapunzel.

2020 Canada Day - Re/Max’s parade float dedicated to the Children's Stollery hospital Making Miracle's Happen
2019 Canada Day - Re/Max’s parade float dedicated to the Children's Stollery hospital Making Miracle's Happen

“Being able to to make others smile and laugh, especially during hard times...even if I can only do that for a moment...it makes everything I do worth it. I am absolutely terrified of flying, but for those sweet moments, and the extra long hugs that you know someone needs, I will always face my fears and travel to where I am needed."

Needless to say, Akane, like many others, fell in love with the community and creativity that came with cosplay. And thus, the projects began.

It has not taken long for the cosplay community to take notice of our princess. Wherever she goes, Akane generates renown for her beautiful works; the intricate details, the hand-crafted accents/ accessories, and the unique take on beloved characters. When Akane walks into a room, it may be the closest feeling to seeing real royalty.

“I love putting my own spin on things; having something that's unique and recognizable to me while also staying true to the characters themselves. The designing process is so fun and also very time consuming, it can take me days or even months to finish a design that I’m happy with depending on the character. Plus the time picking out materials. I’m very big on quality and attention to details! Then finally bringing it all to life in the end, its such a creative, and rewarding experience. I’m so grateful to the people who help me do it.

It's a LOT of time, work and energy but so worth it in the end. Even if you lose a bit of your sanity along the way while gluing thousands of rhinestones to a dress till 4am. I definitely haven't done that before haha”

But being a princess isn't everything that Akane has under her belt. While partnering with the SPCA on some haunted house projects, she was able to begin work on some darker characters, completely Akane-Originals. Say hello to SoraNyx, the sassy, feisty witch, and The Grim Reaper's Daughter (not yet named, still a work in progress).

Akane loves meeting new people wherever she goes and we are so happy that she never grew out of her dress up phase.

"I love the creativity of it all! Seeing people's unique take on their favourite characters helped me find myself in cosplay. Which is funny since your dressing as someone else, but it's like you can embody the confidence and energy of the character you love and make it your own. I want to inspire people to be themselves the way I get to be myself. We are all uniquely made and should be proud of that."

- Akane Nightsong

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P.S. While writing this, Akane and her family went on a lovely cosplay adventure with her friend Mina (which is actually her nickname, not just her cosplay).

You can discover Mina on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mina_marissa_art

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