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Andy Poon - 2018 Guest-Creator

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Creator announcement time!

We are beyond ecstatic to introduce Andy Poon to Kelowna ComiCon!

Andy Poon is an art director and concept designer living in Vancouver BC, involved in between both animation and live action world. Currently freelancing as a concept illustrator for Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow making sure the Heroes are fighting in style on screen while making sure comic fans like himself are satisfied.

Andy has been focusing on art direction and visual development in animation/toy properties such as Stormhawks, Hotwheels, Slugterra, Monster High, Maxsteel, Blaze and the Monster Machines for the last decade. Before that, he was still working diligently with DC on the concept illustrations for Smallville's characters.


Andy Poon will be available Saturday and Sunday

Panel Schedule

Sunday: 11am-11:45am "The people behind Arrow's suit with Aaron Harrison"

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