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Autumn's Cosplay - 2022 Guest-Cosplayer

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Kelowna Comicon is proud to bring out the award winning Autumn's Cosplay for Kelowna Comicon 2022!

Autumn has been cosplaying since 2012 in Calgary, Alberta. She started by picking up costume

pieces at thrift stores and altering them. Now she builds many of her costumes to compete

across the globe.

She has been competing since 2014 and has won over 20 awards, including representing Canada in the C4 finals in Amsterdam this fall.

Autumn uses a multitude of techniques in her work, and her favorite techniques include leather working, embroidery and working with LEDs. With every costume Autumn makes, she likes to add new techniques to her skill set.

Throughout the day, Autumn is studying for her Bachelor of Education as well as working in a veterinary clinic, specializing in canine rehabilitation. She also has a horse named Monaco, that sometimes appears in some of her cosplay photos! Take a look at some of her amazing work:

“Cosplay is a way to express who you are, never let someone stop you from that.” -- Autumn's Cosplay

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