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Caanan Grall - 2022 Guest-Creator

The brilliant mind behind Max Overacts is joining us for Kelowna ComiCon 2022. Say 'hello' to Caanan Grall!

Caanan is an Australian cartoonist living in Canada. First Toronto, then Kentville, NS, then Calgary, and now Kelowna!

Not long after arriving, he won his way into comics with DC Comics's online Zuda competition and his submission, Celadore, a 180 page urban fantasy epic with vampires, nymphs, genies, unicorns, Mother Earth and every other thing he was able to throw in there and get away with, including world peace for a tiny bit.

Celadore was published as a book shortly after the entire line went defunct; so as Caanan says "you might have seen it in a 50% off sale somewhere". He had more success with his follow up, Max Overacts, his own webcomic that earned an Eisner nomination in its first year of updating and has two self-published hefty volumes with a third on the way.

The comic was derailed for a while due to a brain tumour, the subsequent surgery, and its unfortunate side effects. But Caanan is back working, currently fighting for a lucrative win with an entry in Webtoon's Call to Action competition with Major Sun, a comic about a girl who inherits her grandfather's superhero legacy but it ends up going to the dogs. Literally. One dog; her sister's great dane. And they have to clean up their mess.

Over the years he has contributed art on an issue of Atomic Robo's Real Science Adventures and a short story in a Giant Days holiday special for Boom!. Caanan was also the creator/writer/artist on Parallel U, the comic that ran in the front of Muse magazine, a science magazine for kids, since its revamp in September 2015 until the end of 2021.

Check out a couple more of Caanan Grall's wondeful panels!

It is not overselling it to say that joy resonates from the pages of Caanan's work. Make sure to jump on over to his website and add a smile or two to your day.


You can follow Caanan's works below!

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