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Chase Masterson - 2018 Guest-Celebrity

Celebrity announcement time!

A fan favourite, Chase Masterson is best known for her 5-year breakout role on Star Trek DS9, along with her Doctor Who Big Finish audio spinoff VIENNA.

Among a myriad of other roles, Chase has Guest-Starred on The Flash, hosted Sci-Fi Entertainment and starred opposite Bruce Campbell in Terminal Invasion for SyFy, played opposite Jerry O’Connell in Sliders, and co-hosted NBC Sunday Night at the Movies with Ryan Seacrest. Guest-Star credits include the Emmy-winning episode of ER and Presidio Med, and a Recurring role on General Hospital. Feature film lead roles include a mysterious jazz singer in eOne’s acclaimed sci-fi noir, Yesterday Was a Lie.

Chase was named in AOL’s 10 Sexiest Aliens on TV, Screen Rant’s 15 Most Stunning Aliens in Star Trek, Femme Fatales’ 50 Sexiest Women, Film Fetish’s Hot Leading Ladies of Film, and TV Guide Online readers’ poll’s Favorite Sci-Fi Actress on TV during the run of DS9.

Chase is the Founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, the first non-profit organization to teach real-life heroism over bullying, racism, misogyny, LGBTQI-bullying and cyberbullying; using stories from pop culture TV, comics and film, the Coalition works in schools, pop culture cons and children’s hospitals.




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