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Justin Currie - Chasing Artwork

Big shoutout to Justin Currie from Chasing Artwork; who not only helped us with our cover art in 2019, but has agreed to design a custom piece for our next event! We couldn't be more excited to be working with such a talented artist.

Chasing Artwork is Justin's Winnipeg-based studio which has become famous for his "Shattered Vector Painting" style. Justin himself is internationally recognized for his talents, and as such has worked with companies such as Blizzard, Warhammer, Nickelodeon, Disney, Marvel, Netflix, and is a regular guest of comic conventions across our great country, as well as the United States.

His first creator-owned project, Cassie and Tonk, won the Manitoba Book Award for graphic novels.

Justin's studio mission statement is: “As long as you're practicing, you’ll always be improving. Your best piece will always be the next one. Keep chasing the artwork”.

We met him through a local model-building group called Gunpla Builders Society. Years ago, he had agreed to let them use some of his artwork for their promotional posters and from what we understand, he has been a huge hit with their members. So we reached out to see if he was interested in coming out to Kelowna ComiCon, and if he could be convinced to help us with our next cover. As far as the cover goes, Justin has nailed it, and with the announcement of our next convention and theme, we think that you will all share the same feelings. We are still working to see if attending KCC '22 will fit into his already busy schedule, but we couldn't be happier either way.

We owe Justin a big thanks for all of his work, and can't wait to work with him again.

Here are just a few examples of the magnificent works he has created in the past.

Hope you have enjoyed his art just as much as we have. From all of us here at Kelowna ComiCon, thank you Justin.


Don't forget to check Justin out on any of the links below! You will not be disappointed.

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