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Colin Lorimer - 2018 Guest-Creator

Creator announcement time!

COLIN LORIMER is a comic book writer and artist. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books THE HUNT and UXB.

He has been published through Image Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, Titan, and Boom! Studios. He is co-creator of the books, HARVEST, BURNING FIELDS and CURSE and has lent his talents to titles such as THE X-FILES, HELLRAISER, BLACKOUT, MILLENIUM and DARK HORSE PRESENTS. He recently along with writer Peter Milligan helped relaunch a comic version of the iconic TV show THE PRISONER to help celebrate it's 50th anniversary.

Colin is also an award-winning story artist and has a wide range of experience in film, animation and gaming. His latest feature work would include the upcoming epic ALPHA (Albert Hughes) and LIGHT OF MY LIFE (Casey Affleck). He is currently at Walt Disney Pictures working alongside writer/director Tom McCarthy on his latest movie. TV shows would include THE EXORCIST, RIVERDALE and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.



Colin Lorimer will be available Saturday and Sunday.

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