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Cosplay Building with Space Trainwreck

Every week is a new opportunity to chat with our Guest-Cosplayer, Space Trainwreck!

Probably not a mad-scientist...
Probably not a mad-scientist...

Toga artwork provided by Space Trainwreck
Toga artwork provided by Space Trainwreck

She has taken on the task of crafting a Toga cosplay from My Hero Academia in time for Kelowna ComiCon this year!

Join her as she live-streams the process needed to bring Toga to life from scratch.

You can keep up and check out the previous build videos on her Twitch channel HERE.

Make sure to follow/ subscribe in order to stay in touch with the latest Space Trainwreck shenanigans!

Or come check her out live at Kelowna ComiCon in August!


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