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Isaiah Fransen - Local Author

Isaiah Fransen is a mystery novel writer who resides in Kelowna, BC, Canada. With an interest in solving mysteries, a natural desire to write about them emerged and the Detective Jon series were born!

The first book in the series, Detective Jon And The Missing Jewels, was released in July 2021. Since then Isaiah has been on a roll writing two more books in the series: Detective Jon and the Missing Artifact (published December 8, 2021), and the most recent, Detective Jon and the Hidden World, which will be released this coming July 13th. The series itself is self published through Amazon with the help of family members who take the time to edit books before being sent out to publish.

When it comes to his ability to write novels, Isaiah strongly credits his creativity to an amazing superpower he was born with: Autism. In a recent local article from Kelowna Now, Isaiah quoted “I’m autistic, so I actually put my mind to things really easily. That’s kind of what has made it easier to write things sometimes because it always makes me stick to doing it, so I can basically focus on it more.”

Although the Detective Jon series has come to a finale, Isaiah looks forward to continue to release more books in the future and continue being able to inspire and help others who may also be on the Autism Spectrum.

If you are interested in supporting Isaiah's impressive writing career, his books are available for purchase through his Amazon page.

Check out Isaiah's published works here!

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