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Evilyn 13 - 2018 Guest-Cosplayer

Cosplayer announcement time!

Evilyn13 is an international model and cosplayer from Vancouver BC, who specializes in alternative and retro costumes. She has been a cosplay guest at conventions across Canada, the US and Mexico such as Vancouver Fan Expo, Capital City Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con. She will be guesting at her first convention in Central America in May. Evilyn has also modeled all over the world, including the runways in Berlin, New York and Las Vegas. There is nothing this girl loves more than having the opportunity to connect with other people who love pop culture as much as she does. Evilyn is super excited to come to Kelowna for the comic convention and rock some of her favourite costumes for you.



Evilyn13 will be available Saturday and Sunday.

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