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George Michail - 2022 Guest-Creator

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

George Michail is joining us this August at Kelowna ComiCon!!

George Michail is a comic book writer hailing from Kelowna, BC, Canada. A lifelong fan of funny books, he spends his days making creator-owned comics. His award winning series (2021 BEST COMIC - Sequential Magazine) RESILIENT is available now from Absolute Comics Group and his horror/fantasy comic, COVER OF DARKNESS, is published by Source Point Press.

From George Michail, Chris Cam

and MJ Hiblen

Set in medieval Romania, when a family is separated from each other, they encounter horrific villains and creatures they never knew existed. An epic journey where gorillas fight werewolves and a steampunk, Atlantean Frankenstein topples cities. Published by Source Point Press.

Here's what Critics are saying about COVER OF DARKNESS...

"Moving and Dark in all the right ways."


"A near-perfect start for a monster mash of classic Hammer Horror proportions."

- Comical Opinions

"Good Story, good characters and sound art make a fantastic comic, and that is exactly what COVER OF DARKNESS is."


George Michail has also created HYBRID FORCE. He describes it as his love letter to 90's animation. An all-ages series that is made for both children and parents to enjoy.

From George Michail and Mistiqarts

Doctor Insomnia, a mad scientist that never sleeps, leads the evil organization, Testify. He obsessively plots world domination with his deadly, self-healing Hybrid soldiers. Can Lizard Lady, Octo and Thorn band together to take down their former captors, or will the secrets from their past tear the team apart?

Don't forget to check out his award winning comic RESILIENT!

From George Michail and Vinz El Tabanas

Winner of Sequential Magazine's BEST COMIC and FAVOURITE ARTIST awards! After losing her arms, a young judo teacher gains cybernetic prosthetics. She must use her fists and her kung fu skills to right the wrongs of her husband's sordid past.

Published by Absolute Comics Group.

Don't forget to check George out on any of the links below!

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