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Guest Cosplayer - Formative Fox

Kelowna ComiCon is proud to welcome the talented cosplayer Formative Fox to the

convention this year!

With a passion for marine biology and ocean life, Formative Fox brings a unique flair to her

cosplay creations that is as awe-inspiring as it is imaginative. People everywhere recognize

the talent and detail that goes into every one of her creations. Her original characters and

makeup looks frequently incorporate her love of the ocean, showcasing her creativity and

attention to detail.

With over four years of experience, Formative Fox has developed expertise in blacklight

makeup and lighting to incorporate the glow of the ocean into her creations. She brings this

spectacular skill into her photography as well as short videos, adding an otherworldly effect to

every piece. Her cosplay exemplifies bioluminescence at its finest!

Look forward to seeing her amazing skills in person at KCC 2023!


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