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Guest Cosplayer - HoyzaCoz

Updated: Apr 3

Kelowna Comicon is proud to announce that Vancouver local Hoyzacoz will be our guest for 2023!!

Vancouver based creator - Hoyzacoz has been in the cosplay community since 2015 after developing an addiction for the hobby after his first con, he immediately arrived home to craft his first cosplay and has been at it on a daily basis. Hoyza prides himself in being able to construct his cosplays with dollar store items, such as cheap EVA foam, thrifted fabric and is a master of the hot glue gun. In fact, every cosplay he has created has cost under $120! There is no costume or character Hoyza fears creating. EVA armor and weapons are his specialty, but he is also a keen sewer, wigmaker and painter. He won 1st place once at a Halloween Cosplay contest with his Zinogre (Monster Hunter) armor in Vancouver. Having guested once at the Harrisburg PopComicCon in Pennsylvania before COVID hit, he is incredibly thrilled to share his craft and enthusiasm again at cons.

Some of his favourite franchises include- The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Kingdom Hearts etc


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