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Guest Creator - Michael McAdam

Delightful news! Michael McAdam, who sadly had to withdraw his presence last year amidst the turmoil of the fires, will be making a return to Kelowna Comicon 2024!

Michael McAdam is a Canadian author, actor, comedian, voice-over artist and virally famous flight attendant who is never happy doing just one thing. Since 1996, Michael’s been creating stories and working with artists to bring those visions to life.

Michael has written six separate titles with more on the way. These include: Diaperman, a superhero parody (his first project); Twilight Detective Agency, a supernatural noir detective story; Gloaming, a small-town horror book; Thunder, a Canadian superhero; the award nominated Spectrum, an LGBT teen hero, and The Magickal Mister Punch, a British mage who defends the world with his magic.

Michael is always writing, always expanding his ideas, and with over sixteen individual issues under his belt has no desire to stop anytime soon. In 2022, Michael debuted his first novel, a young adult fiction entitled Special Proper Magic, about two cousins with magical powers who solve the mystery of a missing boy. It received rave reviews from Midwest Review and Reader’s Favorite. Michael has also written two murder mysteries as stage plays - Death of a Cellsman and My Big Fat Geek Wedding; he also wrote a radio play, The Rinso Flakes Comedy Hour, that was performed live on stage.

He has also written dialogue for a Bollywood film not yet produced. Michael is also an actor and voice-over artist with advanced improv training and has appeared on film, television and in radio commercials.

Michael is also very proud of his brain child Two Gargoyles Comics, an amazing Canadian comic publisher. They are now in their 27th year of publishing independent comics and still going strong. We highly recommend you check out all the amazing titles they offer!!

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