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Guest Creator - Tom Leveen

Updated: Apr 2

We're excited to share that Tom Leveen, who unfortunately had to cancel last year due to the tragic fires, will be back this year. We're very excited to welcome them to Kelowna Comicon 2024!

Tom Leveen is an award-winning author of nine novels originally published with imprints of

Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and other New York publishers. He is a Bram

Stoker Award finalist, and has written for both the comic book series SPAWN as well as the

BattleTech line of wargames for Catalyst Game Labs, a division of Topps.

Tom has more than two decades of theatre experience as an actor and director, and has

taught writing for more than ten years.

Aspiring writers, actors and producers will be excited to learn all the tips and tricks that Tom

has to offer from his wealth of experience!


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