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Halloween D&D Stream

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Our friends over at Sweetnam's Nik Naks have invited us to take part in a Halloween Fundraiser. Join us with them on Twitch. Full information below!

"We will be going live in less than 30 minutes! Come and check out Our D&D Special, "Cordially Invited" at 3:00 pm! It will be a specially spooky party with Monsters such as Milton Marshall, Scar Jo Stiles, and Beeeees!!

During the stream, we will be raising funds with Extra Life for the BC Children's Hospital. Special Donation Incentives can be found under the livestream description!"

Tune in @

Help us raise money for the BC Children's Hospital with @extralife4kids this Halloween! Tune into our channel on Twitch at 3:00pm for crazy hijinks at the biggest party of monsters you've ever seen!

In addition to this fun entertainment, our donation incentive for this event will allow you, the audience, to help out our DM, @josiahcdvoice create NPCs for our Extra Life game day D&D livestream!

During the Halloween stream, when you make a special $5 or $10 donation, tell us in the donation comment section the fantasy race, gender, accent, and a particular character quirk or detail you want this NPC to have. We will then write these prompts down and place them in a hat to be randomly drawn for the Game Day stream everytime an NPC is introduced! Then as Josiah pulls them out, he must improvise the character based on the prompt! (So don't be too nice )

The first FIVE $10 donations will be placed into a priority pile, and will be guaranteed to be pulled on GameDay.

All $5 donations will be placed in the general pile. There's still a pretty good chance your prompt will be pulled, but those chances are dependant on the amount of entries we receive!

We hope to see you there!


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