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KCC 2023 Artist: World of Eezoes & Albinet Productions

Updated: Aug 3

Hello, I’m Ian, known online as KidCitizen Crafting and the creator of World of Eezoes. I design creatures and produce fantasy themed content in the form of art dolls, books and collectables. I am working on developing a safe and inclusive community around World of Eezoes and my hope is to engage and delight people with original creations and unique concepts. If you enjoy lore, creatures, monsters, spirits and magic, then check out the content available on my various online platforms!

Hi I'm Red, I love to make magnets and toys at home and sell them at cons! I am also starting a webtoon called The Town With TGC, starting on December 23rd of 2023. It is a slice of life, mystery, comedy that has been in the works for a few years. Thanks!

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