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KCC 2023 Vendor: The Sojourn Audio Drama

Featuring a full cast of veteran voice actors, backed up by high-quality sound effects and an epic original soundtrack, The Sojourn is a unique and striking audio experience. Directed and produced with careful scientific consultation, The Sojourn captures every detail of life aboard ship, from the sounds of the smallest airlock seal to the largest space battle. The Tantalus Cluster is the fragile cradle of humanity.

Adrift in the divide between galaxies and surrounded by the vast emptiness of the intergalactic void, the Tantalus Cluster is the only home humanity has ever known. After centuries of reckless colonisation and a violent interstellar war, the delicate ecosystem of Tantalus has begun to collapse, and humanity is gripped by poverty and famine. Desperate and facing extinction, humanity’s only hope is a strange nebula that has suddenly appeared beyond the edge of the cluster. Its shifting clouds may hide a source of salvation for the people of Tantalus, but time is running out.

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