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Kelowna ComiCon Ambassador : Akane Nightsong!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Kelowna ComiCon is happy to announce the appointment of Akane Nightsong as an official KCC Ambassador.

Akane Nightsong is a Canadian based cosplayer and award winning performer of many years who is known for her unique designs, as well as in character acting. She started as a singer performing at multiple events and competitions, often favouring musical theater.

Akane then created her own princess party business when it was suggested to her by one of the judges at a competition after she performed as Elsa, she’s been working as a princess since, as she loves creating magical memories for children and adults alike.

Akane has always loved costumes, often caught playing dress up as a child which grew into her love of musical theater and eventually cosplay, she was mesmerized by the art of it. She then began creating costumes, some of which are her own original design, creating something special and recognizable to her. She always strives to make quality cosplays made from unique, quality fabrics she spends ample time finding, she’s always had an eye for details as well, from appliques, custom laces and hand placed swarovski crystals often ranging into the thousands, all strategically and thoughtfully placed. Her perfectionism is both her strength...and perhaps a bit of her weakness, as her costumes can take anywhere from a few months to even a year to make depending on the style and design she creates. Despite all of this, she’ll tell you how she’s always learning, growing and improving, always pushing to do better with each costume.

Now Akane’s dream is to pursue cosplay as a career, she wants to show people what an incredible art it is and how fulfilling it can be in people's lives, even if some may find it odd at first glance, but that shouldn't stop anyone from participating or giving it a try. Her favourite part about cosplay is the joy and creative experience of it, travelling, meeting people, and making new friends along the way. If you ask Akane what ultimately makes her happy she’ll tell you this. "If I can make people smile and laugh even in hard times, make them believe in magic or the beauty life can offer, and ultimately have a positive impact in someone's life, then that makes everything I do worth it, the hard work, early mornings and long days, time and energy spent, everything! I want to uplift and inspire others however I can. I don't want to just make a career out of cosplay, I want to spread joy, creativity, strength and hope. You should be unapologetically true to yourself, be different, be the "odd one out" and take pride in it! Be uniquely you and forge your own path in this crazy thing called life. That's my goal, that's my message, and I want to spread it everywhere I can!”

Experience and notable achievements:

Two time award winning as top student and singer for the world of music. Four time award winning at Kiwanis Music Festival in the musical theater category, taking first place masters all 4 years competed as a soloist and duo, resulting in six first place awards. Won first place 4 years in a row for best parade float (decorated and props made by her and her parents). Akane then established her own princess party business in 2014. She has performed for a multitude of events, ranging from theater, parades, hired parties, public events, store openings, fundraisers, and visiting hospitals as different characters to spread some much needed joy. Akane has also cosplayed at multiple cons both professionally and regularly, collaborating with others, guesting, and promoting.

We at Kelowna ComiCon are beyond excited to see what Akane brings to this years convention and the many years to come.

Please come say hello to her at Kelowna ComiCon 2023 and our booth at Animethon 2023


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