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Kelowna ComiCon Ambassador: Roze Masquerade

Kelowna ComiCon is thrilled to introduce our newest ambassador, Roze Masquerade!

Roze Masquerade is a cosplayer and photographer based in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. With a deep passion for creativity, costumes, and characters, Roze embarked on a journey into the world of cosplay. Her endeavors have led her to various conventions across the province, where she has not only met incredible individuals but also showcased her exceptional work.

Photography is another realm that captures Roze's heart. Immortalizing the world's beauty, whether it be through portraits or landscapes, has always served as a wellspring of inspiration and delight for her. She eagerly explores diverse lighting techniques and editing styles, aiming to craft distinctive and captivating images.

Living in such a breathtaking part of the world fills Roze with immense gratitude and constant inspiration. The natural splendor of British Columbia, whether nestled amidst mountains, along the coastline, or within the urban sprawl, continually presents novel and thrilling discoveries.

Roze feels fortunate to share her cosplay and photography endeavors with the world, eagerly anticipating the future chapters of her journey. She expresses her heartfelt appreciation for the support she receives and eagerly looks forward to collaborating on incredible projects together.

Join us in welcoming Roze Masquerade as our ambassador, and stay tuned for the amazing collaborations and creations that lie ahead!

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