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Michael McAdam - 2022 Guest-Creator

We are SO excited to announce that Michael McAdam will be our Guest at this year's Kelowna ComiCon!

Michael McAdam is a Canadian author, actor, comedian, voice-over artist and virally famous flight attendant who is never happy doing just one thing. He is the father of two grown children and his own inner child is much more "outer" than inner!

Michael brings the world of "Two Gargoyles Comics" to us by creating "A Rainbow of Fun Comics!" that are proudly Canadian. The two gargoyles in the company logo have always represented the relationship between Michael and the artist he is working in tandem with.

If you haven't already, you have to get your hands on one of his amazing titles!

Diaperman started as Michael's first published work, with the intent of humor and "wacky, good fun". With the desire to open up their works to a more 'noir' feel, came the birth of "Twilight Detective Agency".

"TDA taught me that I didn't have to stick to one genre. It gave me the ability to realize that I could write anything that I want. Which is good, because I am never happy doing just one thing."


Head on over and visit Michael at "Two Gargoyles Comics" to check out his wonderful worlds!

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