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Space TrainWreck - 2022 Guest-Cosplayer

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

We are very excited to announce that another local cosplayer Space TrainWreck will be joining us for Kelowna Comicon 2022!

Space TrainWreck is a B.C local cosplayer, growing up sewing and crafting Space had loved the idea of cosplay and with a push from her sister she had started cosplaying in 2012, but really caught the cosplay bug attending her first convention in 2018 and making new friends and seeing other people bring the characters they love to life.

She loves learning new things and every new cosplay comes with new challenges to overcome and skills to develop.

Space has worked on learning skills such as; sewing and styling wigs, also gotten into modeling and photography as a way to showcase her Cosplays. And is even figuring out how to make shoes.

Take a look at some of her amazing cosplays below!

Every cosplay starts with a self-made pattern after a few hours on pinterest!

“Cosplay is a such a fun creative outlet that allows you to meet like minded people, make friends and learn new skills!”

--Space Trainwreck

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