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Unleash Your Creativity At The KCC Yule Event Cosplay Contest

Updated: Nov 12

Are you ready to showcase your cosplay skills and creativity to the world? Our Cosplay Contest is your moment to shine! Whether you're a seasoned cosplayer with an intricate costume or a newbie with a fantastic idea, this contest is open to all ages and skill levels.

Just watching the show?

Date: November 18th, 2023

Time: 4pm*

Location : Main Stage


Looking to Take Part?

Ages: 13 and up

Prizes :

Best in Show

Best Individual, Masters

Best Individual, Journeyman

Best Individual, Novice

  • Cosplays must be at least 50% handmade by either the entry or group(ie. If the crafter hires a model to walk their stage this is fine but please note this in your application).

  • Unless specifically noted in the above rule for a group any wig alterations, props, etc must have been done by the entrant.

  • If you wish to enter a heavily altered store bought cosplay you MUST provide explanations and examples of how you altered it.

  • Commissioned and bought costumes or costumes mostly made up of bought general clothing are not accepted for cosplay contest entries barring the exceptions above.

Please Note that the Dates on the rules and regulations may differ from the updated dates.


Cosplay Contest Rules (2)
Download PDF • 421KB


  • Equivalent to Beginner.

  • All contestants are eligible to compete in the Novice category unless they have competed and won a major award in a Novice/Beginner category or higher at a previous craftsmanship competition at any major convention.

  • Equivalent to Intermediate

  • Contestants who have competed but never placed in a Journeyman category, and contestants who have won a major award in Novice at a previous competitions are eligible to compete at this level.

  • Equivalent to Advanced or Professional.

  • Contestants who have competed and won major awards in Journeyman or higher categories at previous competitions are eligible to compete at this level.

If you believe your cosplay does not fit into any of these categories easily(such as you believe you belong in Masters when you have not won any prior awards), please contact us at and we can place you in the best category for you.

Contest applications will be closed November 16th to give us time to address all concerns and time limits. With all applications we will need:

  • A full description of your cosplay with examples of your work(if possible), and if possible work in progress photos for our judges(if you would like to send more than 3 photos please send them to ). Please include the name of your character and the series they are from if applicable.

  • A 30 second sound bite that you would like us to play while you strut the stage. The strut will consist of whatever you would like to do within that time frame, as long as it falls under the safety guidelines. Your stage performance will in no way effect the outcome of the contest. Just have fun. If you would like to apply for more time(ie, you would like to perform a skit on stage for fun) please contact us at and we can discuss those options.

  • The name you would like to use on stage

  • Which category and level you are entering(ie. Novice, Journeyman, Masters)

Click Here To Enter

Due to time restrictions and other concerns not all applicants may be accepted. Please make sure to apply in a timely manner so your entry can be reviewed. Again the deadline for entry is November 16th

Costume, Weapons & Props Rules

Due to the fact it is a family-friendly event and we want to be safe there will be restrictions for the contest. Note in particular that metal blades (sharp or blunt), working projectile weapons, and wooden or metal bats & paddles are all forbidden, as well as any outfits deemed unfit for a family-friendly environment( ie: nudity, exposed costume or prosthetic genitalia. Adult fetish attire such as extreme BDSM gear is also unsuitable.) If you are unsure if your costume is acceptable email

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