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Guest Celebrity: Kimberley Anne Campbell

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Excitement is brewing as Kelowna ComiCon welcomes the incredibly talented voice actress, Kimberley Anne Campbell, as a special guest for 2023!

Known for her remarkable contributions to a range of anime series, movies, and video games, Campbell has captured the hearts of fans with her exceptional vocal performances. Join us as we explore the notable roles and achievements of this esteemed artist, and get ready to meet her in person at Kelowna ComiCon.

Kimberley is most well known for her portrayal of the delightful Archon of Sumeru: Nahida in Genshin Impact, the mischievous and spirited protagonist Nagatoro in Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, Argo in Sword Art Online : Progressive, Frederica Rosenfort in 86, and many more amazing characters!

Kelowna ComiCon provides fans with an incredible opportunity to meet Kimberley Anne Campbell in person. Attendees can engage in interactive panels, Q&A sessions, and autograph signings. It's a chance to gain insights into Campbell's craft, learn about her experiences in the industry, and celebrate her contributions to the world of voice acting.

Don't miss the chance to meet and interact with this remarkable voice actress at Kelowna ComiCon, where you can celebrate her talent and passion firsthand.


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