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Okanagan Regional Library Reading Area

"The Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) is more than just a collection of books; it's a vibrant community hub where creativity and curiosity come to life! With diverse offerings, from cutting-edge technology to a rich selection of graphic novels and Manga literature, ORL is committed to inspiring and engaging the young and young at heart. Visit us at our ComiCon table, or visit the Mission Branch library, which is also in the Capital News Centre!"

Kelowna ComiCon isn't just about visual delights and cosplay; it's also a place where bookworms can find solace and indulge in the power of storytelling. Nestled within the convention grounds, the Library's Reading Area offers a cozy and inviting space for attendees to immerse themselves in the pages of their favorite comic books, graphic novels, and literary works. Join us as we explore this haven for readers, where imagination takes flight and literary worlds come alive.

The Library's Reading Area at Kelowna ComiCon provides a quiet respite amidst the bustling convention atmosphere. Settle into a comfortable chair, surrounded by bookshelves and tables adorned with an extensive collection of comics, graphic novels, and related literature. It's the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and embark on literary adventures that will transport you to fantastical realms, intriguing mysteries, and epic sagas.

For fans of the visual storytelling medium, the Okanagan Regional Library is a treasure trove of comic books and graphic novels from various genres and publishers. Explore the captivating worlds of superheroes, sci-fi epics, fantasy realms, and thought-provoking dramas. Whether you're a Marvel aficionado, a DC devotee, or seeking independent gems, there's a title waiting to ignite your imagination and captivate your senses.

The Library Reading Area is a family-friendly space, catering to readers of all ages. Younger attendees can discover the magic of picture books and illustrated tales, while teens and adults can delve into more complex narratives and thought-provoking graphic novels. It's a space where families can bond over shared literary adventures, where older readers can revisit beloved childhood favorites, and where younger readers can explore new worlds.

The Library Reading Area also collaborates with Okanagan Regional Library , providing attendees with access to a range of resources beyond the convention walls. Attendees can learn about library services, sign up for library cards, and discover how to borrow their favorite comics, graphic novels, and books. It's an opportunity to extend the convention experience and continue exploring new reading material long after the event concludes.

Okanagan Regional Library's Reading Area offers a haven for readers seeking literary adventures amidst the excitement of the convention. From comic books and graphic novels to thought-provoking literature, this cozy space invites attendees of all ages to escape into the pages of their favorite stories. Whether you seek solace in a beloved superhero saga or embark on a new literary journey, the Library Reading Area provides a sanctuary where the power of imagination takes flight and where readers can lose themselves in the magic of storytelling.

Come check it out at Kelowna ComiCon 2023

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