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Guest Creator - Caanan Grall

Kelowna ComiCon 2023 is thrilled to announce the return of the incredibly talented Caanan Grall.

Hailing from Australia and currently residing in Canada, Caanan's journey as an artist has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early days at DC Comics to his Eisner-nominated webcomic, Max Overacts, Caanan's artistic prowess and storytelling abilities have captivated audiences worldwide.

Caanan's foray into the comic world began with DC Comics and their online imprint, Zuda Comics. His work on Celadore, an urban fantasy epic featuring vampires, fairies, genies, unicorns, and a whirlwind of imaginative elements, showcased his unique artistic style and storytelling vision. Despite the imprint's closure, Celadore managed to see the light of day as a printed book, gaining recognition for its boundary-pushing narrative.

Undeterred by the challenges faced in the industry, Caanan launched his own webcomic, Max Overacts. This endearing series quickly gained traction, earning an esteemed Eisner nomination in its very first year. Over the course of several years, Max Overacts charmed readers with its heartfelt storylines and vibrant illustrations. Unfortunately, Caanan's creative journey took an unexpected turn when he was forced to pause due to a brain tumor.

While Max Overacts remains close to Caanan's heart, his talent has graced other notable comics as well. He has contributed to renowned titles such as Atomic Robo and Giant Days, lending his artistic flair to enrich their narratives. Additionally, Caanan created the comic Parallel U for the relaunch of Muse magazine, a science publication aimed at young readers. For an impressive six years, his artwork and storytelling skills mesmerized readers, bringing science to life in an engaging and accessible manner.

Undoubtedly, Caanan's dedication to his craft is evident in his ongoing efforts to revive Max Overacts. As he uploads the entire series from the beginning on Webtoon, he seeks to connect with a new audience and garner support to restore regular updates. This venture showcases his resilience and commitment to delivering captivating stories filled with laughter, emotions, and relatable characters.

So come join us for Kelowna ComiCon 2023 and come check out all of the exciting things Caanan has in store for us!

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