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Guest Cosplayer - Melting Mirror

Updated: May 1

Kelowna ComiCon is excited to announce Melting Mirror Cosplay as a guest for 2023!

Melting Mirror is a Canadian cosplayer and an International Costuming Guild master-level

cosplayer who has been creating costumes since 2004. She is a fan of variety, choosing

characters from different media including anime, gaming, comics, movies, and original

designs. She has also learned many new skills through her creations including armor making,

leatherwork, wig styling, woodworking, beading, and more.

When Melting Mirror is not competing in masquerades, she is judging them and running

panels at conventions. She is also a skilled photographer, often venturing into the wilderness

to take scenic photos. Her work has been published in magazines such as COSMODE and

CosplayGen, and featured on websites such as Kotaku, Dorkly, MTV, and Deviantart.

"Cosplay is a beautiful hobby that has allowed me to challenge myself creatively and has led to great friendships with people from all over the world. I was able to meet a talented friend from Kelowna called Lichon Photography on my cosplay adventures and have taken beautiful photos in the Okanagan thanks to her. I'm looking forward to returning to the region." -- Melting Mirror

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Photographer Credits:

Lichon Photography :

Anna Fischer Photography :

Paul Hillier:

Erik Paredes:

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